To install a pedestrian controlled rectangular rapid flash beacon (RRFB) at the crossing of Domano and the College Heights Secondary School. Currently there are only painted crosswalk lines on the road.

Project Overview

This project is needed to address a high impact hazard. The intersection of College Heights Secondary School and Domano Blvd is a high traffic area with community members and students as vulnerable road users. There are 2 city bus stops across from the school requiring users to cross 4 lanes of traffic to access. The cross walk is also utilized by pedestrians and cyclists to access the school and the school fields. The fields are used by both school & community user groups for soccer, football, rugby, baseball as well as a safe field for dog walking. The paved paths around and within the school fields are popular for residents to utilize for running and walking. There are also tennis & basketball courts within the school property that are utilized by community members and students. The fields and walking paths form one of our many city parks - the College Heights Recreation Park.

College Heights Secondary School is a popular venue for hosting community competitive sporting events, music performances (both indoor and outdoor) as well as performing arts events. Once again, this results in greatly increased motor vehicle activity in this area causing higher risk to our vulnerable road users.

Installing an RRFB at this location as a means of traffic control will alert motorists to the need to slow down and stop for a pedestrian or cyclist crossing the road, in an area of limited visibility with several routes of travel. The RRFB would mitigate the likelihood of serious injury or fatality for users of the roadway.

Installation of RRFB In-Progress

RRFB Installation Completed

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    College Heights Secondary School Parent Advisory Council

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